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Wireless Coverage Solution in Scenic Spot

Industry Analysis

Demand: With the popularity of smart phones, people are used to using mobile phones anytime and anywhere in their daily work and life, and posting photos and videos to Moments when traveling. However, some scenic spots have poor 3G and 4G signals, and WiFi coverage is urgently needed to improve.


1.During Holidays, there must be sufficient access capabilities for wireless access points to ensure the access of large-flow users.
2.Compared with indoor wireless coverage, outdoor coverage conditions are more complicated, requiring a wireless access point that can simultaneously meet large-scale and long-distance coverage.
3.Due to lack of professional IT operation and maintenance personnel in Scenic spots, AP deployment, upgrades and maintenance should be simplified.
4. Scenic brand and activity information can be displayed by advertising and information push through WiFi; and scenic decisions are made based on passenger flow trends and seasonal distribution analyzed by big data.


The scenic spot provides high-quality free Wi-Fi, which can not only enhance the tourist experience, but also enable each tourist to become a publicist and enhance the influence of the scenic spot.

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