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Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Garden

Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Garden is located in the northeastern suburb of Shenzhen, covering an area of more than 8,800 acres. It is a famous botanical garden and scenic area integrating scientific research, science popularization and tourism. In order to respond to the governments call for the development of Internet + Tourism, the park will create smart scenic sports and provide tourists with a higher user experience by deploying wireless.



    The coverage rate of Coconut Forest Lawn, Cycad Center, Paleontology Museum, Bonsai Garden, Medical Plant Area, Desert Botanical Garden, etc. Reaches more than 90%.

Simultaneous access by multiple users

During Holidays, the density of user terminals will be very high, and there must be sufficient access capabilities for wireless access points to ensure the access of large-flow users.

Simplification of operation and maintenance

    AP deployment, upgrade and maintenance put great pressure on the park for the lack of professional IT personnel. In this case, simplified operation and maintenance can meet the needs of the park.

Value-added service

    Advertising, passenger-flow analysis, smart guiding, online ticket booking, information push 

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