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Wireless coverage in XX Canteen

XX canteen in XX building is 33.6 meters long and 33.6 meters wide and overall area is 1128.96 square meters. Complaints are frequently lodged for poor signal of China Mobile and China Unicom. In this case, 2 sets of MOBIs signal boosters (one set in VIP room and another in the dinning hall) are adopted to improve users experience.  


Project Effects

· Weak signal RSRP of China Unicom and China Mobile has been increased by 20dB to become a strong signal. Conditions such as call intermittent, slow Internet access and etc. are improved.

· Average download speed rate is increased by 5M/s,and the overall coverage effect is increased by 70% after optimization.







RSRP:increased after optimization                        SINR:increased after optimization

图片5.png 图片6.png

Speed comparison before and after installation

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