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Indoor DAS Solution

Modern buildings are mostly reinforced concrete skeletons, coupled with a closed exterior decoration, the base station receives very weak signals, and it is difficult for 2G/3G/4G signals to cover together. "low-value blind spots" with few users per unit area and short residence time , The original base station room division scheme has low return on investment; the existing room division or base station scheme is difficult to achieve due to transmission problems, or the investment in laying optical fiber is disproportionate to the return; property restrictions, such as difficult property coordination, large impact on property structure, and power supply Problems such as high requirements and difficulty in renting a computer room make accurate network coverage a major problem.

In response to the above problems, MOBI developed a micro-cell wireless coverage solution that solves the difficulty of small and medium-sized area coverage. It uses wireless backhaul, multi-stage active amplification of chain + star structure, compatible with wired access, and fusion of unique intelligent radio frequency. The automatic extension technology extends the base station coverage capability, extends the deep coverage product system, and achieves low-power and large-area high-efficiency coverage, ensuring accurate network coverage. The coverage requirements of wireless multi-service (data, voice, Internet of Things) in small and medium-sized and thin coverage scenarios are improved in low cost, and at the same time the maintenance efficiency is improved.





Application Scenario

Underground parking lot|Underground shopping mall|Public place of entertainment|Warehouse|Equipment room

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