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Elevator Wireless Coverage in a Residential Area

In Building XX in XX Community, there are frequent complaints from residents about no wireless coverage in the elevator. To ensure the coverage of LTE and voice, MOBI’s Elevator DAS solution is adopted: the access unit is installed on the roof, the main control unit in the elevator machine room, the fixed-point coverage unit on the top of the elevator shaft.


Project Effect

The coverage effect was improved significantly: RSRP increased by 50dB overall, SINR value increased by 20dB overall, elevator coverage increased from 0% to 99.99%; average download rate reaches 15.1M/s, average upload rate reaches 5.47M/s.

The overall cost of elevator integrated equipment can save 60%-70% of investment cost compared with traditional solutions.

Low energy consumption, saving 70% energy compared with the traditional RRU indoor coverage solutions.

Easy and quick to implement, saving 80% of construction time.

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