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Elevator DAS Solution


After decades of development, elevators have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. In order to ensure a safe elevator operation monitoring platform, there must be good elevator coverage. In addition, in the era of mobile Internet, users are increasingly dependent on the network. Large, elevators have become the hardest hit area for user complaints.

The existing traditional elevator network coverage is difficult to construct, difficult to expand, difficult to optimize, and difficult to maintain, which makes it difficult to solve the elevator coverage requirements on a large scale and quickly.

Aiming at the above problems, MOBI customized and developed an elevator-type wireless solution, which only needs to install the host equipment in the elevator machine room on the roof, amplify and forward the outdoor base station signal to the hoistway, and place the slave equipment on the top of the elevator car. By receiving the secondary amplification of the forwarded signal, the elevator coverage problem can be solved conveniently and quickly.

MOBI elevator wireless coverage system greatly reduces the number of antenna feeders in the elevator shaft, transmission resources, and overall power consumption. It is efficient and low-cost to solve the elevator wireless multi-service (data, voice, Internet of things) coverage requirements, and at the same time improve maintenance efficiency.


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