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RF Cavity Filters Solution


RF cavity filters are generally applied at in-door distribution system to deploy 5G with existing antenna resources. The anti-interference products could be customized to suppress the unused signals.

II.Technical Data



III.Product Features

1.Compact size with stable and reliable performance.

2. Band 8 full range for indoor system.

3. Low loss, excellent IM, high power capacity and high attenuation for unused signals.

4. IP67 for all in-door and out-door applications


This product is mainly used in the 800M/900M antenna coverage unit of the operator's indoor sub-unit, and its main function is to avoid signal interference between the two frequency bands. As is shown in the picture:


(上行:uplink; 下行:downlink; 干扰:interfere)





(发射天线:transmitting antenna;接收天线:receiving antenna;干扰系统:jamming system;被干扰系统:interfered system;发射单元:transmitting unit;接收单元:receiving unit;功放amplifier;发射滤波器:transmitting filter;接收滤波器:receiving filter;接收机:receiver )
Due to the roll-off of the transmitting filter (no filter can be an ideal step method), there is always a certain amount of out-of-band radiation in any system.The main energy sources of out-of-band radiation are broadband noise, harmonics and intermodulation products, parasitic radiation and spurious radiation, which are generally collectively referred to as spurious radiation. The transmission spurious of CDMA800M around 890MHz falls within the receiving frequency band of the GSM system. When the level of this interference signal approaches or exceeds the noise floor of the GSM system, it will cause the sensitivity of GSM reception to decrease, which will cause coverage shrinkage and access difficulties and even other phenomena.